Last Four Teams For EURO 2020

The play-off draw involved the 16 teams who will compete for the last four slots at UEFA EURO 2020.

The 16 UEFA Nations League group winners form the play-offs – two semi-finals per League – unless they have qualified for the tournament via the European Qualifiers.

ECQ Play-Off A Semifinal
Bulgaria – Hungary
Iceland – Romania

ECQ Play-Off B Semifinal
Bosnia-Herzegovina – N. Ireland
Slovakia – Ireland

ECQ Play-Off C Semifinal
Norway – Serbia
Scotland – Israel

ECQ Play-Off D Semifinal
Georgia – Belarus
North Macedonia – Kosovo

ECQ Play-Off A Final
Bulgaria/Hungary – Iceland/Romania

ECQ Play-Off B Final
BiH/NIR – Slovakia/Ireland

ECQ Play-Off C Final
Norway/Serbia – Scotland/Israel

ECQ Play-Off D Final
Georgia/Belarus – Macedonia/Kosovo

Last 4 Teams For EURO 2020

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